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Tv Rant~The Kardashians (current season-2014)

You guys asked for the Kardashians TV show rant to here it is:
Oh where do I begin. I can't remember everything but I do remember Kim being a total brat! First of all I hate how they all treat their mother, they are all so disrespectful and Kris just takes it.
Ok you know how Kris (the mother) invited Kim to stay at her house with her new baby until Kim's house was finished building? Well it really annoys me how Kim is starting to take over Kris's house and acting like it's her own. 
Kim: Ughh I don't have any room for my clothes in that tiny closet!! 
Ok first of all, her "tiny closet" is like the size of my house. She is so unappreciative. And it was just complaints after complaints with Kim & it WASNT EVEN HER HOUSE!
Also, Kim called some type of construction worker or whatever to fix Kris's doors. Were the doors broken? No! They were completely fine but Kim just wanted them to "make less noise". Dang this family if filthy rich. First of all, you don't do that when it's NOT YOUR HOUSE!
Not only was she was acting up with her mom, but she was also acting up with her sisters. Judgmental judgmental judgmental! First, Kim went to Kourtney's house and was like, "oh my gosh I hate the design of your house, you totally need a change and this is so 1960's" (not her exact words but I just summed it up) Once again, Kim, ITS NOT YOUR HOUSE! If that's how Kourtney wants to design her house, then let her be. Then, when Kourtney was wearing an outfit that was too funky for Kim, Kim was like,  "ew what are you wearing? you look like you from the 80s. I can't be seen around you." Poor Kourt. To Khloe, Kim was like, "You look like you're going to the club. My fashion is way better" 

Then, Khloe and Kourtney started talking about her and called her "fancy Nancy" as a codename to talk about Kim even and she's around. Which, for the record, I thought she deserved. Kim got upset and in the confession (or whatever it's called- when she talks to the camera about how she really feels) 
she was like, "Everyone in the family is being mean to me, I don't know what I did wrong." 
I'm just staring at the TV like, "YOU DID SO MANY THINGS WRONG!" 
And Kim was also like, "if everybody had a problem with me they should've just came up to me and told me"

The show frustrates me a lot but I can't stop watching it because it's so entertaining!

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TV Show Rant~Dance Moms
Dance moms is one if my favorite shows, but last week's episode got a little out of hand. LITERALLY.
Kelly annoyed me the most in this episode with her bad behavior and unappreciative complaining. First off, her daughter, Paige, got a solo, a duet, and was in the group dance. What more can you ask for?? Kelly was complaining about how it's "too much" for Paige. (And then when her daughter doesn't get a solo, she also complains) I think that Kelly should be more grateful, especially because Paige only gets solo opportunities once a year (roughly). 
Second, Abby and Kelly were arguing about something (as usual) and then Kelly was like "get your finger out of my face". Kelly quickly slapped Abby Lee Miller across the face and pulled her hair. Abby then made someone call 911 while Kelly scurried out of the building. Ok, HELLO?? Talk about no self control. It was just unnecessary. It even made Brooke cry (Kelly's older daughter) which surprised me because she doesn't seem to care about anything.
Let's talk about the conflict that happened before the 911 incident. This is the conflict between Marisa & Maddie vs. Christi & Chloe. Apparently Maddie and Kalani (the new girl) practiced a certain dance over the summer but they didn't know that they were gonna perform it that night. Therefore, when Christi & Chloe asked Marisa & Maddie if they were gonna perform it, they both said "No". Then Abbie quickly changed plans and had Maddie perform it w/ Kalani. Christi got mad at Marisa (calling them a lier) which was completely wrong to me because she wouldn't even let Marisa explain. And then Kelly said to Chloe "just remember who your friends are". (Because Maddie "lied") At that time, I was just thinking: "Kelly shut up & get out of their business". I could tell that that hurt Maddie because her eyes were watering.
                  Mother RANTS!
Kelly was acting like such a rude b**** because this is the conversation she was having with Kalani's mother:
K's mom: Can I say something?
Kelly: No!
K's mom: why?
Kelly: because I don't wanna talk to you.
I just thought that that was so disrespectful. And you should've heard her tone if voice when she said it. Ughh!

Christi is so annoying because she always has something to bicker about. She can't seem to keep her mouth shut. She is always looking for a way to start an argument.

DO ANY OF YOU GUYS WATCH DANCE MOMS OR IS IT JUST ME? DID YOU GUYS SEE THIS EPISODE? What's you opinion on all of this madness? Who was right & who was wrong??

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