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Life Stories~MY CRUSH

Hey guys! I recently started this new series callled "Life Stories". This is where you'll get the juicy inside top secret scoop on my life. This weeks topic is about my crush, my relationship with him, and awkward/embarassing moments that occured.

Okay, so my crushes name is ************. (he who must not be named) Lets call him "bleep" This is how it all started: So he was in my class for the whole year and it wasn't until mid-December that I started noticing him (since he's pretty quite). So I was sitting in the front of the classroom on the computer doing some school research until I looked over at the teacher, who happened to be helping my crush. (At the time I didn't even like him) I quickly glanced over at the teacher until I saw him and I had to do a double take because at that moment, I realized that he looked like my celebrity crush-Tyler Posey! Aaahh! In my head: *Is that Tyler Posey? I can't beleive I just did a double take...did he notice me...did anyone notice me??....How come I've never noticed this kid before??...WOW HE'S HOT!!* And then I casually did the rest of me work.
Thats how I first met him. Well...."met him". A weird fact about me is that when I like a boy, I will stare him down! I mean very creeply. To the point where he will feel my stare and look at me and then I'll have to try to look away asap and then my heart'll start racing. I mean I can't help it. Don't you want to stare at a guy who is hot and IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU. I mean come on girls, its like you're staring at a greek god or something. I can't bow down to him so I must stare and admire him as much as I can because once that bell rings honey, you can only dream about your Greek God until tomorrow. I literally walked into class with my eyes super glued to his until I sat down. It wasn't until I sat down that I realized what a creep I was. "STUPID STUPID STUPID". I thought. 
And let me tell you what happened today. We had to work on a group assignment and I wasn't in his group but my group was next to his. And get this: I SPELT LIKE TUNA! I literally had a tuna sandwich today at lunch. And although it was super delicious, that quickly backfired on me. I mean I guess it was probably all in my head because my mouth probably smelt like tuna and my nose is next to my mouth so thats what I was smelling all day.  But you know us girls, we get paranoid when in the presence of our chrush. .....or at least I do :(

THATS IT GUYS, hoped you enjoyed! Comment below what you thought and give me feedback. Tell me if you like these and tell me if you want me to make more of these life stories :) Goodbye B-P's

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I Hate my parents~Part1

So this is exactly what happened this morning. I'll start off with a little background information before I start. My dad is always working in the mornings. Except for Wednesday & Sunday mornings. Today is Thursday so he's supposed to be at work like usual. Let's begin with the story:
I woke up at noon (12:00) today because I'm on February vacation and I stayed up late last night watching the movie, Frozen. After I woke up I brushed my teeth made some breakfast and walked to the living room to catch up on some tv.  Half way through my TV show, I saw a little boy walk in the living room. He's a little boy that my grandma (hate her too) babysits. I said hi & he said "your dybcdujdad dad fysafh brought gsStbdg me dhxdtv here" (he's only 4 so I can barely understand him. I was kind of confused on how my dad brought him here considering my dad is at work and it didn't make any sense because his mom is the only person who ever brings him here. So I just thought he was talking gibberish because he's 4 years old. I continued watching my show until their was a commercial so I walked in the kitchen to return my popcorn. I randomly saw my dad so I said "good morning, dad". He didn't answer, as usual. (He always ignores me but that's another story) Then he started yelling at me, saying:
Me: "I didn't know you were here because you're never hear on Thursdays. You're only here Wednesday mornings but not Thursdays" 
Me: "I thought his mom brought him here"
Me: "not at all" 

Then he continued yelling at me and I didn't know what he was talking about.
My dad's always screaming at me and I don't know what he thinks that I think of myself, but I don't think of myself as an adult. It's just kind of draining to get constantly barked at. I have no idea what he was talking about. It all confused me. I don't know how he got all of the garbage from, "good morning dad". 

Anyway, comment down below if you've had similar experiences or if your parents annoy you. I'd like to here your stories :)

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Life stories~New years singing (embarrassing moment)

We all know New Years as a fun festive day that we spend with family, laugh, and have a few drinks. (Not legal for me) Well for me, this was not the case. I blame the song "holy night" and you'll soon see why.
It was New Years 2013. Emphasis on the 13 not 14. This means that it happened over a year ago and yet its still a traumatizing memory for me. On the night of New Years, I had to stay with my church from 11pm-12pm. I was bored until the adults said that they would be holding a special singing talent show competition. I thought "this is perfect for me. I'm not a bad singer and I bet these people are, so I'm gonna crush them" (wasn't I so kind?) I decided to sing "holy night" because I LOVED that song.  I Had to use my friends phone for the lyrics because I didn't memorize the whole song. When it was my turn to sing, I walked onstage & looked at everyone and I was really nervous. And this is when things started going bad so bear with me. 
1. I Started singing & I realize that i really sucked. (I swear I sounded like Beyoncé singing in the shower)
2. In the middle of my singing, the phone I was using for the lyrics, completely shut off, so I had to continue off of memory
3. My voice cracked at the high part
Therefore, I decided to spare the audience their ears by stopping in the middle of the song and giving the judges the microphone. I was highly embarrassed and I thought about it for months. I've finally built up the courage talk about it now-one year later.. 
In conclusion, I now hate the song "holy night" and whenever it comes on my Pandora Christmas song playlist, I have to skip it. Oh and wanna know what the judges scored me? A WHOPPING 6. And you want to know who else got a 6? The girl who forgot all of her lines. Yeaaaa

EXPECTATIONS                                                                                                       REALITY

Goodbye B-Ps!

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Life Stories~ I can't flirt

I like to think that I'm charming near guys, but in reality, I'm really not. I choke up, and get nervous when talking to guys I like. (Which I rarely do) The "quote": "I'm way cooler on the Internet" Is truly accurate for my life. But add: "and at home" for me. Here's a little embarrassing story for ya'll to enjoy:

I'll give you the pre-story first then the story.
Pre-story: So last year at homecoming (technically this school year) I was having a good time but I didn't really dance with any guys. (It was my 1st homecoming, I didn't know what to expect) I was eyeing a few guys that I would potentially want to dance with but never built up the courage to ask them which is something I really regretted at the time. But I saw this one guy in particular; he must've been a new kid but he was really attractive. I was too scared to ask him to dance so I just continued dancing with one of my friends instead. Let's call her "A ". 
Story: So one day after soccer practicec I asked "A" if she knew that kid at homecoming. Let's call him "N" 
She said: "who? N?, yea he's my friend."
I said: "WHAT!? Why didn't you introduce me to him at homecoming?" 
She said: "You never asked"
I said: "Ughh, well I really like him. But don't tell him, okay??"
She said: "Okay okay, I won't!" 

After that I started getting my clothes from the sports locker room all sweaty and hot. Until I heard "A" calling my name. She came storming through saying that I had to go downstairs because N is waiting for me because she told him that I liked him! 
(I'm just thinking: What!? Why'd she tell him?? what do I say? What does this mean, I don't talk to guys, guys don't talk to me!!)
So right now I'm rushing downstairs in panic, my heart is raising. 
I said (to A): what did you tell him exactly
She said: there's this girl on the soccer team that finds you attractive
Ahhh, that makes me more anxious. Finally, I see him waiting outside and my friend introduces us.
Me: uh hi *giggles*
Him: hi *Cute smile*
Me: uhh I don't know, I just..haha, I...uh.. I have to go...sorry

And that's exactly how I said it too, I'm not even exaggerating. Talk about AWKWARD! Mind you that I was also really sweaty and gross from soccer practice! Basically, I looked like a hobo. And it was awkward seeing him in the halls. It got easier though, considering this happened in October and it's now February.

Stay tuned for Next Weeks Life Story: My Flirting Fails! I'll tell you my embarrassing flirting experience with "N", so stay tuned! :)

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Life Stories~ Flirting Fails

Here are some of my embarrassing moments with this my ex crush.Tip: don't take notes, learn from my awkward mistakes! "Him"=N (ex-crush)

If you read my previous 'Life Story' then you already know I met this guy and how AWKWARD it was. Click here to read it: Life Story~ I can't flirt!

Embarrassing "flirty" moments #1:
So one time, in the hallway, I was walking and I saw him & he saw me and we made eye contact and he did a head nod and said, "hey". But I was too oblivious to notice until after. Now I'm like *The one time a guy tries to flirt with me, I don't even notice * Also, I wouldn't even consider it flirting, I would just consider it "being friendly". Maybe he was trying to ease the awkwardness? 

Embarrassing "flirty" moments #2:
This happened really recently, like 2 weeks ago recent. Which means he's still thinking about me which scares me more than anything to be quite honest. I wouldn't even really consider it flirty. I would just consider it weird and creepy. (On both our parts) So:
I walked into class and I didn't even put my bag down yet or even sit down because I'm weird and I wanted to take in my surroundings. So I was scanning the room like a super agent spy until I looked out the door and noticed that N was staring at me! And it wasn't even the stare where he looks away when I look back. It was like a "Oh she's looking back? I'm just gonna keep staring" stare. I looked away immediately cuz I didn't know what else to do. I was in shock. That 3 second eye contact threw me off guard. I was just confused cuz I was just like: *what?! He still thinks about me? Am I in his head? Ugh that was so weird. I was probably looking dumb by randomly looking around the classroom* But maybe I was supposed to stare back so he could tell me some secret message or a funky "eye flirt" thing. (Idk, I don't flirt)

What I should've done: I asked my friend and she told me that I should've winked. My stupid self didn't think of that! I wouldn't of winked even if I thought of it anyway because I'm just too nervous. I could've at least waved or smiled, instead of darting my eyes down like an idiot who can't look at a guy in the eyes! 

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