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This is my 1st blog post review. I'll give you a review on these bad boys and ill even provide you with a demo video of me using them to mythBust the "ouch-relief". 
Is waxing better than shaving? 

Is Waxing better than Shaving?

The Box

Inside the box

Back of the box 
It comes with wax, pre wax wipes, and a finishing oil.

The Wax
 This is a 32 X-Large wax. It's double sided. Before applying, you must rub them together with your hands to warm them up. Then you smooth them on your skin and rip off in the direction closest to your skin.

The Pre-wax Wipes
This is what you put on first. Apparently they help with the pain relief. Rub it on your skin and wait 10 minutes for it to dry!

Read the directions! (I did) It was my first time waxing.

Me Waxing my Armpits!!

Waxing my Armpits~Aftermath

Waxing my Armpits~Overall Review

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