Monday, December 1, 2014

RANT~Why is Forever21 so Difficult to Shop in?

I just recently went to Forever 21 on Black Friday and as always, I didn't have much luck. (Although I did make 2 pretty decent purchases) The place is just so unorganized it gives me anxiety. Is there such a thing as too much clothes? Did the creators of Forever 21 ever think of that? I mean... By all means, make a surplus amount of clothing. but when they're scattered EVERYWHERE, we're going to have a problem. And why is it that every human on the face of the planet can successfully shop there except for me? 
Me: ooh cute shirt Sarah! Where'd you get it?
Sarah: Forever 21 
Me: *Goes to Forever 21* *Finds nothing...*
Literally I walk in and I'm just like "Oh boy"! Like I want to go to a clothing store NOT a maze! (They clearly dont know the difference.) 
Call me stupid but I just wish the Items were also labeled more clearly. I walk in, take a right, waste my time looking at the clothes until I realize that it's "Plus Size" HOW WAS I SUPPOSEF TO KNOW THAT? There definition of "plus size" isn't all that big.
 The store is big tho. I never know where to start. I walked in looking for a shirt and I walked out with a nightgown and a necklace. I mean at least I found something. But to be honest, a nightgown is a pajama which isn't all that hard to shop for.

~~Sorry. That was a lot. I just needed to get something's off my chest. I'll only be posting when I get inspiration and such. Comment your thoughts and I'll post more often. Have a great day!~~

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