Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrity Gossip~ Did Miley Cyrus make the right decision?

From doing Hannah Montana to chopping her hair off to twerking on Robin Thick and to releasing her new album "Bangerz", Miley Cyrus has done it all! No matter what she's doing or how she's doing it she's
1. Getting more notices then ever
2. Making a lot of money
Okay, I'm gonna be honest. At first, I didn't really approve of Miley's new look or behavior, but hey,                                                                                    look where she is now. And she's rocking her new "Pink look a like" haircut. 

At this point, the only person I'm really worried about, is Robin Thick's "wife". I mean, WAS SHE ACTUALLY OKAY WITH HER HUSBAND BEING TWERKED ON BY ANOTHER WOMEN?? I certainly wouldn't be. But then again, I'm a jealous freak so... Either way, I heard that they're getting a divorce.  

Let's also take a minute to talk about Miley Cyrus's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. I watched his interview and he seemed to approve Miley's music video of her swinging on a wrecking ball naked. If anything, he seemed to be rooting for her all the way. At any rate, watch the video yourself so you can see why he approves so much:

Do you agree with Billy? Do you think the mother should've kept her inosinic in Montana reputation? Do you respect her "twerking" decisions?
Let me know your opinions in the comments below! 

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  1. This is really great, i don't like Miley, and I really enjoyed reading this post!


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